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1-15 2010

Opening reception
HYAENA GALLERY Burbank, California
DECEMBER 4, 2010 (8PM-12AM)

Trans silva = across the woods      Icon = image     Transilvanicon = images from across the woods

Romanian native, Tatomir, is an artist with strong ties to his homeland and heritage. His work continues an old-world oral/visual history with a neo-paganism that elevates the art to a modern consciousness. There is an evident pride within his craft and a burning desire to share his roots with the open minded, creating a cross-cultural bond between his old and new homes.

Transilvanicon: Conception, his first solo exhibit in the United States, cites Transylvanian seasonal rituals and traditions. These, combined with the awakening of long-forgotten mythical creatures, form the basic theme for this over-arching concept. Painted throughout the entire year, Tatomir released teasing points of the show to coincide with each solstice (the formation of the Transilvanicon web site, a limited T-Shirt release, and the sacred Draco pendant). In Transilvanicon, you are immersed in the frightening beauty of the Romanian forests. The artwork will guide you through a unique journey that predates Roman Christianity and echoes the origins of many early cultures (from Native American to Celtic, and beyond).

Tatomir, himself, is excited to see these memories and dreams finally take shape on canvas."TRANSILVANICON is a childhood dream of mine finally materializing into reality. Viewed through my own perspective, it invites you, the viewer, to decide what is truth and what is pure fiction."

—Bill Shafer of HYAENA GALLERY


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